Dayspring Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry History

In 2001, a 69 year-old woman who was a member of Dayspring Community Church asked if she could turn an old storage closet in our kitchen into a food pantry. Her dream ultimately turned into a fully-functioning food pantry that is open weekly at Dayspring, is government regulated through First Link Government Agency, is resourced by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and Dayspring Community Church, and this past year touched 1200 lives by providing food! To break that down further, the DCC Food Pantry, which is staffed by our own volunteers, gives out approximately 350 pounds of food every month! Recently, Marilyn Guittar, that special woman with a dream, had this to say: “We minister to people when they need it. Oftentimes, we pray on the spot for people as they have need… I think God is using this pantry and us…”

Important Information

The DCC Food Pantry provides a minimum of 3 meals per day for each family member for 3 days.

  • Hours of Operation: Thursdays, 1:00 – 5:00 pm, @ DCC
  • Reservations are required: Call Kathy @ 614-843-2312
  • Zip codes that we service: 43062; 43068; 43109; 43110; 43125; 43147; 43207; 43227; 43232
  • Picture ID is required.

How to Donate

There are three ways to donate to the DCC Food Pantry:

  • 1) Donate your time.
  • 2) Donate money to help buy food.
  • 3) Donate food to help feed people in our community.

If you’re interested in learning more about or serving with the DCC Food Pantry Ministry Team, send us your comments.

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